Build an omnichannel plan for your internal and external clients

12CDM 16 September 2020
 Build an omnichannel plan for your internal and external clients

About ten years ago when we wanted to communicate we had a choice between a written message and an image, audiovisual supports and public relations. We had to combine and reduce campaigns to media or non-media. Today technological innovations pop up every minute and the boundary between online and offline is becoming indistinguishable as various tools embed into another.

There is a huge variety of communication tools today, as advertising evolves, transforms, and adapts to suit the evolution of society. 

There is now a huge range of techniques and media to choose from when launching a communication plan. Consider just some of the choices of platform, event sponsorship, conventions, seminars, trade fairs, conferences, keynotes. Then there are the tools and media to consider, such as, advertising in all its guises, corporate clips and films, websites, blogs, lobbying, street marketing, newsletters, email campaigns, mascots, smartphone apps, press relations, social media. The choice is vast and bewildering. The question is which media to choose, which tools to utilise, how to make the most impact whilst remaining focused and consistently on message?

The challenge therefore is to know how best to use the tools and methods available, how best to combine them, and how to reach the specific target.  

In order to be most effective and before launching a plan, one should ensure that:

Your communication objectives are clear

Your core target is well defined

Your budgets are consistent with your objectives (brand awareness, affinity, sales, etc.)

You optimize the ROI of each media

You identify a relevant editorial line for your communication plan

You have chosen the most relevant media for your business 

Now your communication plan is ready to realise your strategy and ambition.

Les 12 coups de minuit supports you in the definition and implementation of your communication plans. We are experts in a full range of communication and media tools. 

Our consultants are also your guides and confidantes to assist you in achieving your ambitions. They shape, steer, and implement your communication plan in conjunction with other stakeholders.

Therefore, Les 12 coups de minuit becomes essence of your internal and external communication.  


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