The keys to a successful strategy

12CDM 16 September 2020
 The keys to a successful strategy

Building a strategy is a sequential exercise that meets specific objectives that should be defined upstream.

The implemented actions gain resonance only if its objectives are clear and the company’s stakeholders are involved in the process.

This strategy definition phase, also called the scoping phase, must be consistent and all encompassing. Many options will present themselves at each phase, and there is a number of tools and matrices available to assist in making appropriate decisions.

The marketing strategy strives to define ambitions, objectives, and means that a company is required to implement in order to conquer its target market.


Your company operates in its own unique environment and it reacts to specific constraints in its sector of activity.

If you wish to :

    • Gain a market share
    • Launch a new brand, broaden or expand your product line
    • Conquer new markets in France and overseas
    • Diversify your distribution networks
    • Extend your established targets

You should consider building a strategy that clearly expresses your need, and then position and define your strategy in an ecosystem that identifies new areas for development.

It gets even more difficult to develop a powerful strategy relying solely on your internal resources.

One has to implement a system of continuous monitoring to be abreast of the latest trends and developments, have an eye on already established areas of activity, follow the evolution of usages and societal attitudes as well as identify the opportunities offered by digital media.

Les 12 coups de minuit (12 CDM) supports you in the development and implementation of your strategy. Working with you and for you, our experts will identify the best opportunities and lever the most important potential strengths.

Les 12 CDM has developed an effective consulting methodology for strategy development. It combines five phases:

  • Analysis
  • Definition
  • Construction
  • Communication
  • Measuring


These key steps are crucial to definition and implementation of your marketing campaign and constitutes an integral part of our specialists’ know-how.

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