How to make most of your data

12CDM 16 September 2020
 How to make most of your data

The data-driven approach is a vast field which today includes players in both the technical and marketing arenas.

The trendy word « CRM » was replaced by “Big Data” which was replaced by… what we call it doesn’t really matter…, anyway the problem remains the same: “how to make my data talk?”, “how to use my data to drive my strategy?”. It is clear that the proliferation of data and information sources makes brands rethink their approach and the task much more complex.

Linear communication by channel has shown its limits, today customers are multi-faceted and they require coherence. At the same time, economic challenges inflict cost optimization. In this context, the question is how to build an efficient approach, an approach that creates added value?     

Data analysis cannot only be reduced to its tools, such as direct marketing via emailing. A data-driven approach primarily a clearly defined strategy that creates customer commitment ans put him at the very heart of the strategy. A successful approach is a fair balance between objectives and means.

In order to build a data strategy one should structure its approach following a number of phases:

    • Auditing of a current situation in terms of implemented actions with Database analysis;
    • Segmentation strategy (core target definition and identification of High Value Customers);
    • Identification of projects and preparation of requirements specification;
    • Creation and piloting the pre-test (control samples, for instance);
    • Framing of the strategy (financial and marketing objectives as well as the content);
    • Development of a follow-up plan (dashboards, ROI).


Deployment of a data-driven project is a part of digital transformation logic. It can be a truly organizational revolution. It is therefore important to formulate a variety of actions that includes the employees and involves them downstream.


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